During the week we have a variety of volunteers doing essential maintenance work on site as well as clearing ground for new projects and setting up the chapel, house and grounds for events. Some are independent volunteers who arrive under their own steam and who then work in small groups or on projects by themselves.

Others come via various referral streams (EDP being one of these). Our minibus picks them up in Exeter in the morning and then drops them back after the days work. They often start with confidence issues and poor self esteem and is is great to see them develop new skills and grow in confidence. They will tend to work in supervised groups until they can move on to independent projects. Referral volunteers who need a bit more support are channelled through the Thrive and Grow project that runs on Mondays.

We also have volunteers who help when we run events. The Chapel Cafe serves refreshments during most events and our catering team are always welcoming to make the visitor experience great. We also have stewards in the house to guide visitors and answer questions that arise when they see the amazing architectural history on display as well as enquiries about the social heritage of the site.

If you have some skills you would like to share or learn then please consider coming along to join our volunteer team. You don’t have to commit to every week and can just do a couple of hours if that suits you. Contact info@poltimore.org to arrange a visit or discuss options.

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