The Project

A significant visitor attraction for the growing audience for heritage buildings and historic landscapes

The Poltimore House project has been gaining momentum, but its vision and objects have not changed from those when the Trust was set up in January 2000 as a charity and a Building Preservation Trust.

Charitable objects:
‘To preserve for the benefit of the people of Devon and nation at large the building of special and architectural and historic interest known as Poltimore House in the County of Devon and its grounds and setting and any adjoining land or buildings which formed part of the Poltimore Estate.’

Poltimore House – a vision of the future.

Creating a place which focuses education, training and research, to share knowledge and create opportunities for innovation helping communities and organisations secure a sustainable future

Developing an active and innovative learning hub supporting studios and workshops for arts, traditional crafts and the creative industries, making use of technologies and practices that maximise environmental benefits


clp oct2010 Working with the University of Exeter on the Community and Landscape project has brought a new focus on the Poltimore Estate its landscape and its people. A volunteer visit to Poltimore at the start of the project, Keith Weedon describes the sensory garden which the Friends are creating. See the project website, Poltimore Landscapes. The Poltimore Estate History and Archaeology Group (PEHAG) carries on this work.

Providing a venue for arts events  – exhibitions, performances, music, theatre and crafts

Becoming a venue for conferences, seminars, workshops and events

Making a major contributor to local employment and to volunteering activities focused on sustainable living and the arts 

Already an inspiring meeting place where people can share ideas – people working with businesses, charities and within communities and learning organisations


The range of projects we support is brining Poltimore House and its grounds back to use as a resource for the local and regional community.

Working together to achieve this vision will result in a lively and sustainable future for this extraordinary place.